Bolobindass is truly based for the young age surfers who want to wear the coolest designs combined with premium quality fabrics.

We are just working on the ergonomics. We have spent 6 months all around the country in search of the exceptional quality of fabric and the coolest designs which makes you stand out in crowd. “If our country is producing such an excellent quality of fabric & textile that we are exporting then why to wear our own fabric at higher prices”. We are working hard to provide this fabric to our customers at a reasonable price.

Why TRUST us?

Before the internet revolution, we used to buy the clothing at stores in the faith of the salesman. So, keeping that in mind, we truly want to build a sense of faith between you and us so that you never get disappointed by our side in any way.


We just need your valuable feedback & do comment about your experience. Your feedback is always valuable for us and we are always available for your any query or suggestions.

You can directly give your feedback on “info.renationstar@gmail.com”

Meet our team

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Animesh Sharma

"from girls out of reach branch (electronics and communications engineer)"